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Dr. Sh. Roshan Lal Jain pioneer of Homoeopathy in Punjab in 1949, being founder of GULAB MEDICAL HALL (GMH), started homoeopathic practice and retail outlet for homoeopathic medicines in Ludhiana sited Sarafan Bazaar, Chaura Bazaar.

Dr. Sh. Surinder Pal Jain joined his father in this professional unit in 1962 and still servicing in the same line after the demise of his father in 1982. He opened the doors to all Homoeopathic doctors and chemists at Gulab Medical Hall for wholesale of homoeopathic medicines. In 1975-85 tenure, Gulab Medical Hall established its name as the only homoeopathic chemist in Ludhiana and the leader in import of homoeopathic medicines from Germany.

Then in 1997, Dr. Nitin Jain, son of Dr. Sh. Surinder Pal Jain, joined Gulab Medical Hall after completing his degree in thomoeopathy as a Homoeopathic Physician. In a span of 10 years, Dr. Nitin Jain with the blessings of Grand Father and support of his father opened a new branch of GMH in Model Town in 2007.

Dr. Nitin Jain is practicing homoeopathy on both of his units with morning session at Sarafan Bazaar and evening at Model Town. Both the units are serving to the public as wholesale and retail counters along with the treatment of all acute and chronic diseases with homoeopathic medicines only.

Gulab Medical Hall also deals with the books in homoeopathy in all major languages.

Dr. Nitin Jain, with the blessings of his grandfather Sh. Dr. Roshan Lal Jain and with the support of his father Sh. Dr. Surinder Pal Jain, has established GULAB MEDICAL HALL as the leaders in Homoeopathy with all the facilities under one roof as the biggest Homoeopathic Chemist Retail Counter along with Homoeopathic treatment. GMH has two branches at present in Ludhiana one over Sarafan Bazzar and the other at Model Town.

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Dr. Nitin Jain


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